What do you think?

I am enrolled in ELPA 6872, Technology Applications for Educational Leaders and one of our projects requires us to create a blog containing some questions we have about Educational Technology and accept comments that address those questions. Please review the questions and leave a thoughtful response for one or all of them.

Thank you for your participation and I look forward to reading your responses.

Q1. Should the assignments, material and assessments be the same in an online section and a ground-based section? Why or why not? Please leave a detailed post detailing your thoughts about whether online and ground based sections of the same course should have identical assignments and material. Does the delivery medium have any bearing on the material covered, and the method used to measure success?

Q2- Students in degree programs delivered entirely online often miss out on the social aspect of attending face-to-face courses, and may not have many opportunities to connect with their peers. Do you think the absence of social interaction has a negative effect on the student, and their ability to function in a professional environment?

Q3- How important is multi media content in a class delivered entirely online? Do you think recorded lectures are vital to student success in an online course? Do videos and interactive content enhance the student learning experience?